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I can't get upset, because I knew this would happen. There's a leak in my bedroom ceiling - right over my bed. How do I know this? Because I woke up to water splashing down on the comforter. YAY! So, it'll be a short day at work for me, followed by rushing home and moving my bed to the other half of the room, so that someone can come into the apartment over the weekend and rip apart the drop-ceiling and half-assedly "fix" the leak. I might end up having to permanently move my bed into the living room, which: gah. I fucking hate the idea of that, but I don't have many options at this point. In the meantime, I've spread garbage bags and placed pots all over my bed.

In related news, I've made out a very meticulous budget going to the end of 2011, which is when I should have all my credit card debt paid off. Even though the lease for this place is up in February of '11, I'll have to wait to the end of the year to finish paying off those debts - but by Christmas, if I stick to my budget and payments, I'll finally be able to move into a building that wasn't built back in olden tymes, and actually be able to afford it.
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