Livia Llewellyn (livia_llewellyn) wrote,
Livia Llewellyn

Oh hai, hanna!

The window of my office is nothing more than a waterfall - all the rain that collects on the roof of this building makes its way to the lowest point, which is right over my office, and cascades down onto the fire escape, because god forbid there actually be gutters on this cheap-shit ass-building. In order to keep the water from spilling into the room, I have to keep the glass pane closed, but keep the screen open, so all the water that collects in the space inbetween goes out instead of in. If that sounds like it makes no sense, understand that this building and the materials it's comprised of are non-Euclidian in design - your puny Earth logic and engineering holds no sway here!

So far, no leaks from above, although it's really only a matter of time, whether it be now or next year... yeah, so.
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