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I have no fancy title for this post

"Horses" has now been edited from 13,917 words down to an even 8,900 words: 5,017 words are resting in a red-inked grave. That's it, editing's over, the story is DONE. I'll send it out this week--this time if it comes back, at least I now have a number of new markets I can send it to.

Ah, if only I could lose the pounds as easily and quickly as the words! Or, you know, my mind. :P

In other news: it's been confirmed that I'll be a part of Freaks Read (click on the link for info about the series) - the reading will be 8pm Wednesday, October 29th at Nowhere Bar (322 E. 14th St. between First and Second Avenues). Linda Addison and Amy Grech will also be reading, along with a fourth author TBA. I'll post a reminder in late October.
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