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A milestone

Robert and Livia - BFF!
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This morning I was brushing my teeth, staring absentmindedly into the mirror, and I saw it:

My first WHITE hair.

Yeah, it looks like I'm bypassing subtle shades of grey and going directly to Mountains of Madness blizzards. I blame this amazing predicament on Robert "Silver Fox" Levy, whose head briefly touched mine (see photographic evidence!) during his and his husband Dan's baby shower on Saturday. Whilst I and his many guests were innocently drinking thousands of glasses of wine and eating millions of tiny Cuban sandwiches (ok, well, that was just his father and me snarling over the sandwiches, lol), the "silver fox" virus was already infecting my hair follicles, bleeding the strawberry blonde right from my scalp! So, it's official: my life is over. Well, for my hair, anyway.

On the other hand, I think it's pretty cool. It looks like my new freakishly silver hair will be quite curly, which is a relief - the straight "ironed hair" look never worked for me, even in the 70's. And no, I'm not going to start pouring vats of dye onto my head. The world does not need another crazy old white woman with fire engine red hair that makes her look like she stole the wig off Ronald McDonald's head. I plan on being the crazy old white woman with the long unruly hair who scares little kids with her unnaturally crimson fruit-punch lipsticked mouth. Go me!

Now everyone get off my lawn!
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