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Livia Llewellyn

Do Clarionites Dream of Electric Sheep?

I had my first Clarion nightmare last night. It was the first day of class, and I walked into the room, proudly clutching pages of what I thought was a spectacularly original story. We all settled down into our chairs, and Samuel Delany began discussing each of the stories. When he came to mine, I sat up in my chair, all prideful 'n' shit. And then he spoke:

Delany: "Dear, this isn't your story."
Me: "Huh?"
Delany: "You turned in the screenplay for 'Blade Runner'. You didn't write this."
Me: "I don't understand. That's my story."
DeLany: "You plagiarized this. It's not yours."
Me: "No way! I wrote that! I didn't steal anyone's work, that's my idea!"
everyone in the class starts giggling
Delany: "No, dear, I'm afraid not. They made a movie out of this, you know."
Me: "They did?"
Delany: "You can leave now."
loud laughter from now-former classmates
Me: "Well. Shit."

And then I woke up, very disgruntled and cranky.

Note to self: don't rewrite "Blade Runner" for Clarion....

There's not much to talk about right now, writing-wise. I'm going to be moving into a new apartment this coming weekend, so my life has lately been all about the packing and the throwing away. But once I'm settled in the new place, I have a few projects to finish up. There's a submission package I'm working on, at the request of an agent. So that'll be my first priority. Once that's out the door, I'll start finishing up a number of short stories I began back in January - a few horror, a few erotica. Some are for specific markets/anthologies, and the rest I'll cast into the stream, hoping for a bite. Once I start up my writing routine again, I'll post a bit more about the stories. And maybe I'll have a few more freaky dreams to tell you about. I have no doubt that a "naked in class" nightmare will be debuting in my sleep anytime now - go naked embarrassed me!

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