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The reading list just got a little longer

This morning I woke up to a pleasant surprise. No, it wasn't the drugged-out street person clinging for dear life to the railing outside the brownstone - although that was certainly a surprise for both of us! The pleasant surprise was an email from our tireless director, lzernechel, letting us know that Tobias Buckell had agreed to come to Clarion for a weekend, to talk writing and the business of. Very cool, especially since he's a Clarionite himself (class of '99).

The bad news, of course, is that now I have to read Crystal Rain - I'm so far behind in my Clarion reading… no wonder I don't have time or energy to write. These are the books I'm currently in the middle of:

Joe Haldeman: Worlds, Forever War (only a few chapters left to go)
Samuel Delany: The Motion of Light in Water, Aye and Gomorrah
Kelly Link: a few more stories in Magic for Beginners
Gardner Dozois: Strangers, a few more stories in AI

My Nancy Kress & Holly Black reading is pretty much complete, although I'd like to get a hold of Fairy Reel before Clarion starts, if I can. The anthology Sex in the System will come out after I'm already in the workshop, but it has stories not only by Joe Haldeman, but by classmate Steve Berman (mroctober), so I'll order it while I'm in East Lansing. Also, the erotica anthology (Short and Sweet) my novella is in will be coming out then - we can have a signing party and reading! Er, or not...
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