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Glad I took those drugs...

...because my downstairs neighbors started moving this morning. By "this morning", I mean "three o-fucking'clock in the morning" - because isn't that always the best time to start throwing furniture around your apartment, screaming at your SO that YOU'RE DOING IT ALL WRONG AND WHY DID I HAVE YOUR BABY ANYWAY AND I'M STILL YOUNG AND HOT AND MOMMA WAS RIGHT I CAN GET A BETTER MAN LIKE THAT [MAKES SNAPPY NOISE]? Everything's better at three am, even the dissolution of relationships!

OTOH, it still didn't bother me anywhere near as much as Princess Stompypant's nightly cowboy booted square dances. I turned the TV on low, put some earplugs in and fell right back asleep, so I can't complain.

And now I will be spending the rest of the weekend doing the following:

* laundry - a couple months worth, because we hatesss doing teh laundriesss, precious
* baking - Satanic brownies with caramel and walnuts, just because I CAN
* cleaning - because that bed won't magically make itself, stupid non-magic bed!
* gym - I'm still losing weight, and I want to keep it that way despite the Satan brownies
* writing - my goal is 4000-6000 words total this weekend, and grocery lists don't count
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