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Mechanical Bees in the Gardens of Broken Time

I think this is the first time I've acted as a pimp for anyone. Oh god, the power coursing through my veins - must wear crushed velvet - must wield magickal cane against my frenemies - must drink morning latte from sparkling pimp cup of power - what was I saying? Oh, yeah. Pimping a friend!

The necklace to the right (right?) was created by clockwork_zero, who very sneakily hid her steampunk/clockpunk/biomechanical insect jewelry making talents from me for years. No more, however - she has outed herself as an extraordinary artist, using eensy metallic bees and arachnids and flowers alongside antique watch parts and beads to create some of the most original pieces of jewelry I've ever seen. If you just want to see her creations, or if you're interested in buying any, you can take a look at her Livejournal and click on the photo to see her Flickr stream. I've already bought two pieces (The Black Wings of Time and The Spider Queen's Brooch), and I'm eying this necklace with a terrible clockpunky lust. Also, this jewelry is giving me wicked ideas for the second part of "The Girls of the World", which takes place in a mechanical metropolis.... At any rate, take a look at her photos and marvel at the Wonders and Mysteries she creates. Methinks this is the start of an incredible career.

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