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Almost back to normal

I'm back at work, finally. Still kind of woozy, though, what with all the cold meds swimming in my blood stream. The flu/fever/cold has taken yet another turn, and I now have the giant hocking cough in addition to the snot monster - although Snot Monster seems to be in just one nostril right now. Why is that? It's most bothersome, and makes me list to the left a bit.

I'm also back with the writing, with some adjustments. First off: the Clockwork Jungle story has clocked (heh) in at a whopping 6000+ words, and IT STILL ISN'T FINISHED. ::headdesk:: Ok, so I guess Shimmer is out as a market for this piece - I'm a bit disappointed that I can't seem to put the "short" in "short story", but on the other hand, this is shaping up to be a very nice novelette. The fact that there's no actual steampunk, animals, fable origins, or any of the other requirements that Shimmer requested (insert another ::headdesk::) should work in its favor when I start submitting, as I anticipate a veritable flood of rejected-and-sent-out-again clockwork/steampunk animal fable stories freaking editors out for many months to come. If my story freaks anyone out, it'll be for entirely different reasons - hooray!

And work continues again on "The Girls of the World: Wondyrechaun" - I'm a bit behind, but still intend on turning it in in March, albeit the later part of March now, thanks to flu/fever/cold. (I'll post a short excerpt to the_numinous_1 this evening.) Yesterday I received an email from [market name redacted], inquiring as to the status and still expressing interest in seeing it. This was something of a relief to me, as a small part of me was always worried that maybe I was just making shit up, and had read interest into a situation where there really was none. It's nice to know that all my crazy-talk isn't crazy. Just some of it. Ok, most. :P
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