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An Inauspicious Beginning

So far - meh:


You can read an excerpt at the_numinous_1, if you so desire.

I'm enjoying writing this, but it's coming very slowly, which is bothersome. I seem to be editing as I write, as opposed to just pounding out the first draft and damn the mistakes - why I'm doing this, I have no idea. On the other hand, at least I'm writing something at all, instead of staring numbly at a blank screen or playing Solitaire for five hours straight every night, which was kind of how I spent most of 2007.

Going forward, I'm going to try to hit between 750-1000 words a day, as I don't want to fall behind because of the move (I highly doubt I'll be able to write anything that day). And I need to finish this by March 1, so I'll have time to revise, edit, and send it off before going to Norwescon.

I've also decided that after it's in submission, I'm going to write the next two novellas - which I should probably start calling "sections" - in this series, and combine them with "Wondyrechaun" into a full-length dark Victorian Lovecraftian Clockpunk fantasy novel. I'm hoping to send it out to agents by this fall, around the time I'll start working on the Tacoma Steampunk trilogy.

[Here is where I just wrote a bunch of angsty stuff about novels vs. short stories and being taken seriously as a writer, but I deleted it because honestly, who gives a shit? I'll be taken seriously when I write something that deserves to be taken seriously. It's really as simple as that. Until then, I need to put a lid on my bullshit newbie whinging, and keep writing.]

In other news: omg it snowed a little! :D
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