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Promise, and other things

In the time it took me yesterday to leave work early and arrive home - about 20 minutes - the internet turned upside down with the news of Heath Ledger's death. I thought it was a joke at first, as I read it on that new sf/gossip site io9, and had no idea why they were talking about Ledger as if he were dead. I don't really have anything to say beyond the fact that it's a terrible shame that someone with such promise died so soon in their career. I didn't know about the drug use - that was a shock to me. Last year I rented "Candy", and was amazed at how he was able to so skillfully portray a heroin junkie sliding, despite all best efforts, toward a sorrowful end. Well. I only hope that wherever he is now, River Phoenix is letting Mr. Ledger know that he checked out far too soon, and that he deserved a far better ending to his life.


Progress on the Clockwork Jungle story continues, albeit at a slower pace. I should have a very short excerpt posted on the_numinous_1 tomorrow.

I'm hoping to finish this by Friday, then spend the weekend working on a novelette (horror, for an anthology), and jotting down a few more notes for the novella. Since moving is going to take a chunk out of my writing time in February, I might start writing it next week. It's very important that I have the first draft finished and out to readers by the time I leave for Tacoma and Norwescon in March. Something tells me that I'm not going to get much writing done that week.

FYI, I've been sort of dithering about whether the novella will be a stand-alone or part of a series, and I finally decided last night that yes, it'll be the first of a trilogy with the overall title of "Girls of the World", and I'm hoping that the sooper-sekrit market that's waiting to look at "Wondyrechaun" will want to see the second and third sections. The second novella will be called "Wunderkammer". Stupid me - now I have to come up with a cool and arcane "W" name for the third one. Crap!

Turning GotW into a trilogy means that I probably won't start the Tacoma Steampunk trilogy until the very end of the year or possibly next year. However, that's not a tragedy. More and more, I keep thinking that the TS trilogy should be novels, not novellas. I think the world needs some Pacific Northwest-based YA Lovecraft-steampunk fiction starring a knife-wielding, black-clad, half-Asian female protagonist who's a professional thief and "biomechanical steam engine whisperer". Three novellas are just too small for a kick-ass girl in a kick-ass world like that. :)
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