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Because it is BitterCon, and Because it is My Heart

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Yeah, that's right. My least-favorite time of the year, after going to the dentist, and paying taxes, and giving most of my monthly paycheck to [edit to read: the student loan company's whose employees have nothing better to do than Google said student loan company name all FUCKING day long - OH HAI PEEPLES!!], and having to go home to visit my parents and sleep in my little twin bed with the forty-year-old Raggedy Ann sheets and having to explain to my mother that I'm NOT TOUCHING MYSELF IN THE DIRTY-BAD PLACE if I close the bathroom door and lock it so she can't see me chug down that bottle of wine I snuck in from the garage. Ok, maybe that last thing is number one. But BitterCon is pretty fucking close! All of you bastards get to gallivant up to World Fantasy Con, and here I am, stuck at home… or maybe NOT!

rosefox and I are conspiring to hold a Manhattan-based BitterCon event this Saturday - details are right here. If you're free, if you're bitter, if you like to bitch bitterly over booze, then this is the ONLY event you ever need to attend! There'll be food! Bad fiction! Jealous hissy-fits! Literary fist-fights! Delusions of grandeur! Naughty words and sex talk! In other words, it'll be just like any other gathering of writers. :P Once the time and place have been decided, we'll post details. And if all you wimps crap out on us and it's just the two of us? Oh, the be-bittering will be thick and sweet, indeed…
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