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I didn't realize there were only 43 days left until I fly to Clarion. It looks like two full months when I stare at the calendar, but it's really not. And I have a lot to take care of in the upcoming weeks. For one, I have to figure out who among my friends is going to get the honor of coming over to my apartment once a week to water the plants and generally see that nothing strange or untoward is growing/sprouting/nesting anywhere. This is going to be difficult, as most of my friends are in theatre, and tend to find themselves traveling out of state without much warning. Finding one person who'll be around for six weeks this summer might be impossible. But it won't be a disaster if the apartment is left alone for that long - my plants will die, but I don't have many, so no biggie.

I also have to make arrangements to have my mail held, I have to pay a good portion of my bills in advance to avoid charges/late fees, and I have to start planning meals around what I already have - I don't want to leave a kitchen full of food, because it's not going to be pretty when I get back in August. I also have to decide if I should buy a larger suitcase (I have one, and it's closer to carry-on size than BIG) or simply mail a box of clothes and things to the Clarion office. Despite my fantasies of bringing one small suitcase of things for six weeks, it's just not going to work. My carry-on will be my laptop and irreplaceable items (glasses, ipod, DVD's), so everything else has to go in the suitcase this time.

This weekend I'm getting my new laptop, so I'll have enough time to get used to it, and make sure it's glitch-free. I, however, will probably come to Clarion chock-full of glitches. Just warning everyone! :)

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