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Arg! So behind, so very very behind...

Ok, so I'm a bit behind in posting and reading - I didn't realize how much catching up at work I'd have to do. I'm also trying to catch up on a few smaller writing projects before starting the novel. And it's not helping that I'm still falling asleep around 8pm and waking up bright and early at three in the morning. I didn't think it'd take this long to get over the time change. Well, tonight I'm forcing myself to stay awake until 11, even if I have to shove forks in my eyes. I'll post photos of that tomorrow!

In the meantime, I might as well post the links to my photo sets, rather than wait until blogging about the trip. I've uploaded all of the Belgium pics into the following sets:

** Leuven Day 1
** Bruges
** Leuven Day 2 - Begijnhof
** Leuven Day 3

I'll upload the France photos next week. And yes, the photo here is of my sister and me, by one of the canals in Bruges. This was taken just before we started pulling each other's hair out. Just joking! We didn't fight until Paris, where they really appreciate that kind of thing. :P
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