Livia Llewellyn (livia_llewellyn) wrote,
Livia Llewellyn

I'm in Paris, bitches!

Ok, the keyboard is a bit off - I keep typing in qll kinds of strqnge zords becquse the keys qrenùt in the right plqces: Mind you, though, I'm not complaining. Because, I'm typing poorly in PQRIS. Paris. :D Actually, it could just be all the coffee...

I'll be off to the Place du Concorde later today, then tomorrow I'll visit the Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral. I don't plan on seeing a lot of things, just a few big places in the city. The trip to Versailles is off, but that's ok. I got my fill of greenery in Bussy at the monastery - it was nothing but greenery there. I'm glad to be around buildings again. I got tired of goats. No, not in that way, pervs.

I'll be back in the States on Sunday, and start posting photos probably on Monday.

P.S. My flash story "Brimstone Orange" has finally been podcast on!
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