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I spent most of yesterday either sleeping or worrying about what to project to start next. I think I was getting all fussy about it because my plans had been to start working on the rewrite of my old novel Rendered, but as I was reformatting some of the chapters yesterday afternoon to post on the_numinous_1, it struck me that my heart just isn't in it right now. I still haven't found the right combination of plot and characters for that particular novel, and I'm worried about the levels and types of magic used by the protagonists - it's still too messy and complex for what I think the story needs. So….

I'm going to start working on an outline for a new novel, one that's been in my mind for several months now, not originally as a novel but a novella. However, I think it would serve the characters and story far better as a 100,000 word project - it'll be horror, set on a small, isolated college campus & town (in Eastern Washington) over the academic year, and the protagonists will be a best friends, a straight woman and gay man who fall in love with and compete for the sexual and romantic attention of a new student, of course at the risk of destroying their friendship. However, they find out the "young man" is neither young nor human - and I'm leaning toward this not being a deterrent in their pursuit. Initially. Um, that's all I have right now, nothing very concrete. I know how it starts and I know how it ends, who lives/dies/changes. There are no conventional monsters (i.e., no vampires, werewolves, ghosts). The antagonist/evil will be prehistorical in origin, and based in the geological history of the area - there will be "bad", infected areas of the surrounding town and country, not just bad creatures/manifestations. It's not religion-based horror, in other words - I want to stay away from the whole heaven vs. hell, God vs. Satan thing. Oh, and there will be human/creature sex. Also: no red shirts or expendable gay friend. I'm not ruining the ending by saying that everyone will live. However, everyone will live very different lives after the events conclude. And, "living" doesn't necessarily mean being alive....

Sorry if I'm boring y'all - I know it can be excruciating when writers blab on and on about shit that only they can be excited about. :/

Anyway. I'm going to work on the outline and do a bit of research in July and August, then take a break with the Europe trip, and come back with the intentions of starting the novel in late September. I'd like to finish it by the end of the year. I think it's going to be a relatively straight-forward story - no complex magic crap that I have to make up rules for, lol - so I should be able to get out a pretty clean first draft. I'll spend the first couple of months in 2008 revising and polishing, then (hopefully) will be able to send it out before summer of '08 to agents.

And no, I won't be posting any horribly written excerpts from the WIP, or begging people to OMG PLEAZ READ AND CRITEEEK IT, or crashing your various workshops with reams of coffee-stained pages. But I will post word counts and tastefully small snippets over on my website blog, if anyone's interested in seeing how big a train wreck this is going to be. :D
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