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Other than editing and polishing (and occasionally weeping over said editing and polishing) my due-at-the-end-of-the-month sekrit project, not much is going on. So naturally I'm obsessing over my upcoming vacation plans. Here's an update on what I have to look forward to:

August 21st: Fly overnight to Brussels
August 22-23: Chill in Leuven with Dr. Brenda, leave the evening of the 23rd for Paris
August 24: Hang out in Paris, leave that evening for Venice
August 25-30: Hang out in Venice :D
August 30/31: Travel back up through Switzerland & Germany to Leuven
Sept. 1: Fly back home

In case you're thinking that I have nothing to look forward to in the immediate future, I'll be going to the Coyote Road: Trickster Tales event at Books of Wonder this Sunday, where mroctober will be reading. Also, I have to defrost my fridge. The glamor never ends!
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