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Behold my kipple-filled gullet!

(with apologies to those who already saw this on my website blog)

Two positive reviews of Jetsam. They're not huge reviews, but that doesn't matter - I'm just happy to be mentioned at all. (I can't find any reviews for Subterranean Magazine at all, which is disappointing.) FYI, I haven't been actively seeking these out - these both come to me via the editor of Sybil's Garage, Matt Kressel. And no, I probably won't post negative reviews as they come in - I'll just get drunk and rage at the houseplants about how the critics "don't get me". :P

A review in The Hudson Reporter by Diane Schwabele:
The disturbing yet powerful "Jetsam" by Livia Llewellyn recalls images of the devastated World Trade Center and the billowing smoke. The narrator Jay struggles to remember something crucial that was lost. "Only a week since the attack, and smoke still billowed in toxic sheets over the lower part of the island. Chemicals and flesh - the dead settled in their mouth[s] and lungs," Llewellyn writes.


A review in Farrago's Wainscot by Darin Bradley:
Livia Llewellyn's "Jetsam" is phantasmagoric, a great "what if" taking contemporary metaphors of self to their logical conclusions. In this story, which draws its force from alienation in commodified society, ruin has learned to eat, and the middenheaps of its kipple-filled gullet are the new reality.

You can read the online version of Jetsam right here.

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