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Some cool news (non-writing related)

A couple of years ago, my sister Brenda received her PhD (from U. Toronto) in early Christian history. Since then, she's been slowly but steadily finding teaching gigs at various universities in the Tacoma and Seattle area. Right now Dr. Brenda (as I like to call her) is at Pacific Lutheran University, and doing quite well - so well, in fact, that she's been asked to be a visiting professor at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, about 30 kilometers outside of Brussels, Belgium. She'll be there for five weeks in August and September of this year.

Why am I telling you this? Because, Dr. Brenda invited me to come over and spend some time with her in the city of Leuven (she'll have her own apartment), and I said yes. Actually, I said OMGBBQYES!! So it looks like I'll be traveling to Belgium in mid-August, for a 10-day visit. She'll spend her days teaching, and I'll spend them doing whatever the hell I want, in Leuven and Brussels. I'm very excited - this is the first real vacation I've had in about fifteen years. Yay!

Marine Autumn

I owe you marine autumn
With dankness at its roots
and fog like a grape
and the graceful sun of the country;
and the silent space
in which sorrows lose themselves
and only the bright crown
of joy comes to the surface.

--Pablo Neruda.

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