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My day so far

Houses go b00m!
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I woke up to find that the black nail polish I put on my toes last night hadn't quite dried before I went to bed. My sheets and the tops of my feet are smeared with what looks like the black ichor of some squished creature.

I forgot to put the coffee pot in the coffee maker. Usually this means the coffee just pools in the upper part of the machine, but today it peed coffee everywhere.

I dropped my camera just before taking the shots of the wrecked buildings. It's alright, obviously, but it's gashed up quite a bit.

I dropped my iPod on the treadmill while at the gym, then almost broke my fucking neck trying not to step on it as it skittered past me. People were pretending they didn't see me, and failing. I couldn't blame them for laughing - I looked like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man taking a fall.

And after my workout, I realized I locked the key to my gym locker… in my gym locker. They had to get someone with a big-ass bolt cutter to snap the lock off. More laughter. ::sigh::

On the way home, I spaced out on the PATH train, then almost missed my stop. I rushed out of the car only to realize I'd left a bag of groceries on the seat next to me.

Ok, so. I'm not going anywhere or doing anything else for the rest of the day, except write. With pen and paper, in case my laptop decides to come to life and kill me.

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