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I have no catchy title here, again

Sometime yesterday, between going to work and coming home, construction crews tore down three small tenement buildings on my blog. (I'll take pictures later today and post them on Flickr.) I imagine work will soon begin on yet another high-rise luxury condo or apartment building. It doesn't affect me one way or another, except for the fact that the vacant lot next to the houses was a popular stomping ground for stray cats, and I imagine they've been permanantly driven away. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that there won't be a sudden upsurge in the mouse/rat population around here. If this journal suddenly becomes a series of posts about wanting more cheese, then you'll know that I have become a willing servant of my new rodent overlords. Then again, I already have a lot of posts about cheese, so I guess there won't be that much of a difference. :)

Slow and steady progress on the novella - I'm averaging about 5-700 words every evening, plus an additional 4-500 words on the "creepy subterranean Lutherans" story (which is now titled "Mysterious Tremendum"). I don't know if my writing is sucking less than usual, but it's coming easier to me than before, and I'm happier with my titles - they're becoming less generic and boring. I think. I hope. I'd post word meters below, but I haven't had my coffee yet, and I can't be trusted with word counts and percentages quite so early in the morning.

And: I've had to do some negotiating for getting vacation time off work. I get almost four weeks off every year (if you count personal and floating holidays), but my time out of the office revolves around when my boss needs me there. The earliest I can take off, it seems, is the first week of March. Gah. I guess that's ok. I also wanted to go to Chicago in March, but I think what I'll have to do is make it a long weekend trip in early April, and go home in March. In which case, I can't really call it a "vacation". Going home is more of a duty than anything else. But at least I can finally see cmpriest. If you hear a sonic boom in Seattle sometime that first weekend of March, don't fret: that's just the sound of two redheads meeting over red wine and cheese. :D
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