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Change in plans

So, I've been playing around with novella ideals, and while I've come up with a few interesting world-building details, not much is happening in the way of character development and plot. Arg. I'll keep futzing around with my notes when I feel like it, but until I find a truly compelling reason for writing these novellas (other than "OMG I <3 STEAMPUNK!"), I'm not going to push myself into writing them right away. I'd still like to have them finished by mid-2007, though.

Another reason why I'm having a difficult time with the novella is because an idea I had last month for a novel has pushed its way into the front of the line, pretty much demanding all my creative time. I've been working on a very loose outline, and it looks like I'll start writing it in earnest in December. It's going to be YA dark urban* fantasy with a lot of steampunk and Lovecraft thrown into it (it's set in the same factory/mining metropolis as my story "Take Your Daughter to Work"). Because YA just doesn't have enough of either of those things, IMO. Tentative title is: The Cemetery Queen.

However, don't expect to see much in the way of plot details or "chapter samples" here. If you really have the burning desire to see the outline or some chapters, just drop me an email and I'll send you something. Because, I'd rather be told I suck in an email than on livejournal. :)


* It's really more "dark industrial fantasy", if there is such a thing. Well consarnit, there is now!
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