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Miss Editing-Pants

Yesterday I carved about 1200 words off the erotica story (now titled "The Unattainable") that really wants to be a novella. 800 more to go. Gah. But I should be finished by next Monday, and then it's off in the mail. Incidentally, this is the first original piece I've finished since leaving Clarion, almost three months to the day. I guess it took a lot longer for me to get back up on the horse than other Clarionites (the revised stories don't count!).

Tonight I'm setting it aside, though, and going back to the final draft of "At the Edge of Ellensburg". I have to remove all the formatting quirks that were put in by the editor of the anthology, because I'm hoping I can submit it to the next edition of "The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica". I think that's the only anthology that accepts novella-length reprints of erotica - there's still no submission info out there for the 07 edition, so I guess I have to wait and see.

Starting next week, it's outline time for my "Tacoma Steampunk" novellas, and the novel I plan on writing next year. In other words, I'm falling right back off the horse again. Not that I want to, but for me, outlines are a necessary evil. Because I have the attention span of--hey, a shiny thing!

::runs away::
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