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October Miscel- no: Potpourri!

Well, the AC hasn't quite left the window yet. I needed it to keep the kitchen cool, because I spent most of the weekend in a red-hot rage as I tried to defrost the fridge. Evidently the people who lived here before never bothered - I could tell, because there was a 200-ton ice flow surrounding the entire fucking freezer unit. Yes, I used a hammer. I also screamed FUCK, and that seemed to melt the ice just as fast as the hair dryer and the buckets of hot water. I am a new hero for a new millennium: Profanity Girl! Goddammit.

I had a rather strange "encounter" this morning, at around 3am. I woke up - I was actually awake, not asleep and thinking I was awake, and I sat up in bed. I have no idea what woke me. I put on my glasses, and stared out through the open door of the bedroom and through the living room into the kitchen. A bright blue sphere, about the size of a basketball, floated across the kitchen. It appeared by the wall of bookcases, and disappeared behind the fridge. And that was it. Now, my windows are too high off the ground to get any traffic lights, and the shades are pretty thick. There was no sound of a car, and the light cast a shadow against the shade, it wasn't coming from behind it. There's been a lot of electrical work the past couple of days on the street, what with PSE&G ripping up cables and wires, so it might have been a lightning ball (I saw one once before, traveling along telephone pole wires during a spectacular thunderstorm in Tacoma). At any rate, I didn't "sense" anything, I wasn't asleep, and nothing else happened. But I saw it. Weird.

By the way, if any of you suggest it was a balloon from that fucking freaky Stephen King "IT" clown, I'm going to kill you. Because Profanity Girl fucking hates clowns!

Tonight I made Apple Brown Bettie, and started the outline for the steampunk novella trilogy that I bitched about a couple of days ago but we're all going to pretend that little shit-fit never happened aren't we oh yes we are. Both the Bettie and the outline are delicious. Because they're clown-free!

Marine Autumn

I owe you marine autumn
With dankness at its roots
and fog like a grape
and the graceful sun of the country;
and the silent space
in which sorrows lose themselves
and only the bright crown
of joy comes to the surface.

--Pablo Neruda.

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