Livia Llewellyn (livia_llewellyn) wrote,
Livia Llewellyn

My eyes!

I'm sitting in my freakishly large kitchen, waiting the arrival of an Urban Delivery truck with my shiny new desk. As a way to kill time, I've been perusing MySpace. Thanks to cmpriest setting up her own page there - thus forcing me to break down and actually visit the site - I've been freebasing on all the badness it has to offer. And oh, does MySpace offer some incredible crackity-crack badness. It's like watching a train wreck - if the train was filled with 100 million freebasing escapees from Arkham Asylum, that is. And yet, I cannot look away!

Before I get back to scrolling through thousands of pitch-black pages splattered with purple glitter, dripping blood, fuzzy YouTube clips, horrendous "goth" music, and gratuitous titty shots, I leave you to ponder on the wisdom of this MySpace gem:

"..Love is like wetting your pants..everyone can see it...but only you can feel the warmth...."

If I ever get married, I'm totally putting that in my vows.

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