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I am an Internet VIOLATOR!

At least, according to Verizon. It seems the reason I don't have internet access at home anymore is because I made the stupid mistake of switching my wireless card from the old laptop to the new one, not realizing Verizon would be monitoring that as my "giving away their precioussss intarwebz for free". So they yanked my service, citing "violation of the terms of my contract" as the reason why. Fuckers. FUCKERS!

In two weeks, I should be hooked up again, thanks to Comcast. However, until then I'll continue to be strangely silent after 5pm on weekdays and all weekend long. Actually, I yell at the laptop a lot, it's just that y'all can't hear me. Thank the gods for small favors, right? Right.

In other news, the Clarion Ought-Six class is on a roll. The evilicious Will Ludwigsen has sold a story - read about it right here. I could try to explain it, but it's just funnier in his words.
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