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One more day left

MSU Botanical Gardens 020
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For those Clarionites who didn't get to the botanical gardens, I have a photo set up on flickr. I took them last week, when I wasn't a gimp.

A few things I learned today about my last critiqued story for Clarion:

It's not YA.
It's different, but not in a bad way.
Asimov's should be my first submission market.

There was for the most part a general consensus as to what was and wasn't working. What's gratifying is that I knew what was going wrong as I wrote it - I only didn't fix it during the first draft because I had to turn it in quickly - and the critiques confirmed my suspicions. That's important, because one of the reasons I came to Clarion was to learn how to spot mistakes during the first draft, rather than seeing them months after. So I've taken some tiny steps toward progress. FYI, Holly and Kelly also thought the story was ok. :)

No writing tonight. No thinking about the next story. Six stories to read and critique for tomorrow - that's it. I'm finding a small bit of depression seeping in.
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