March 15th, 2007


Ummm: no.

I missed the first part of "Lost" last night, so I started watching it on, just now (it's still playing in a corner of my screen as I type this out). And what happens in the beginning is ludicrous: in a flashback, one of the cast members (I won't spoil it) gets in a head-on collision with a truck, but they manage to climb out of the front of the car and run several steps over to the driver (who I assume has been thrown through the windshield onto the pavement), apparently without having suffered any contusions, bruising, or major muscle and nerve damage. I've seen this scenario in so many movies and TV shows, and I have to tell you that as a "participant" of a rather spectacular collision, that ain't what happens.

Whilst at Clarion, we created a master list of every students special areas of learning and expertise. If we needed to know about a specific religion, science, culture, etc. for a story we were writing, we only had to look at the list to see who had studied (or received their degree) in that particular area. It's interesting that I forgot to write down one of the most interesting an unique experiences of my life: what it feels like to be in a major car crash.

Well, I'm going to rectify that. Sometime this weekend, I'll write up and post a detailed account of what happened to me back in 1992, when a 2-ton truck rammed into my little Geo Metro and pushed it across an intersection into a big-ass tree. Double-sided impact, woo-hoo! Those of you who are writers will be welcome to use the details, if you ever need to write a scene about a car crash. However, even if you don't, I hope that at the least you'll come away with the understanding that it's simply not physically possible for you (or Tom Cruise or Sandra Bullock or whoever you see on the big/small screen) to even so much as casually WALK away from a serious car crash, let alone run or dodge bullets or what-the-fuck-ever. That is, unless you know how to walk/run with a broken neck and/or severely damaged body tissue - in which case, you're a zombie, and I can't help you with that. My brains are of no use to you, I tells ya. :)