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too freakin' tired to give this a snappy title

Clarionites: Nancy Kress mentioned a short story in class today, believing it to be out of print. I found it online on SciFiction, in the classics section:

The Dance of the Changer and the Three

I skipped her reading tonight so that I could keep working on the story. I stopped at about 5500 words (only because my back is killing me from sitting so long) - looks like it'll be 8000 words finished, which will mean cutting 1000 words minimum in order to make it submission-ready. That's, of course, assuming that the content and my feeble skills in telling the tale are in any way marketable - never mind the word count. I think it's a pretty good story, but I've been wrong before. Like, every time. :)

Oh, shit. I just realized I named my story the same as this blog: "Summer of Love". No wonder it sounded vaguely familiar... Fuck it, I ain't changing it now.

::falls asleep::
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