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Oh, the bitter irony

I'm one-third of the way through my story - this thing is taking freakin' forever. However, I'm very pleased with what I've written. mroctober will be, I believe, quite delighted with how his suggestion for my story has evolved. My story is so Bermanesque, it should be outlawed. And, it probably will be. :)

Today was our first day with Nancy Kress. She talked for a little under an hour, and I'll at some point post all of my notes from her lecture. A lot of what she covered are basic skills I've been struggling with, but having them in a written list form will, I think, help remind me what I need to work on as I write each story. Sorry this is such a lousy description of today's workshop, but I'm in a bit of a rush to get back to writing.

One last item of note: I went to the store today with the specific purpose of buying a bottle opener. I came home to realize that there was one thing that Mr. Slow-Poke cashier didn't put in the bag with the rest of my groceries. Just guess what item that was! Fucking guess!!

::pries beer open on the heater grate::


Marine Autumn

I owe you marine autumn
With dankness at its roots
and fog like a grape
and the graceful sun of the country;
and the silent space
in which sorrows lose themselves
and only the bright crown
of joy comes to the surface.

--Pablo Neruda.

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