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Livia Llewellyn

OMG I wrote an ENTIRE story!!!1!

I know, I know. We all thought I'd be the one Clarionite who went through the entire six weeks without writing a single thing other than "I have teh writters block, lol". But I did indeed finish a teeny tiny story. It's a flash piece, about 800 words, and yes, there's dragon fucking. Although, you don't get specific details - there's no venom cock described in loving, throbbing detail, no "pee jewelry" scenes with little girls, no "nuns" prancing about with their privates all quivering and ready for some "me" time with a dragon tongue. I like to leave that kind of literary writing to the professionals, hey-o!*

To clarify, this isn't the same story I've been working on since last week (the one mroctober helped me with. That as yet untitled story is probably going to be a little under 6000 words, and I'm hoping to have it finished for the third week. I thought it was going to be something of a humorous piece, and there are a few moments like that in it. But the world and the monster are far more complex than I first perceived them to be, and I need to work on it a bit longer. I just don't see the need to hand in something that's half-assed in conception, when this piece will be polished and ready to go by Tuesday morning. I know a lot of people hate flash (for very valid reasons, I might add), so I'm interested in having it critted, since flash is a form I like working with (in?).

Yesterday I wandered a small section of the campus, and saw: beautiful graffito on the underside of a bridge, baaaaaby ducks and their mama feeding on a lawn, a very strange and lonely clump of trees in the middle of a lawn crisscrossed by concrete walkways, about fifty massive geese very gracefully surrounding me as they made their way to the river, and the very beautiful old alumni chapel. But I shed a single tear when I found the International Center, which has a bookstore, a convenience/deli store, a coffee shop, a Chinese food shop, a pizza place, and a Subway. I plan on moving in as soon as possible.

This evening we met Michael Swanwick, our Week 2 instructor. I think there's been some confusion as to the whole "dinosaurs and sodomy" thing. He doesn't want us to write about dinosaurs and sodomy. He's going to so thoroughly school us in the ways of writing, that by the end of the week we'll feel as if we've been sodomized by dinosaurs. THAT'S what being taught by him is all about. But he's going to do it with love, so it's all good.



* If you have no idea what I'm talking about, Google "venom cock". That should give you all the information you need to know.

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