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Love Interruption, Indeed

I very, very rarely get reviews of my stories – maybe five or six short mentions on Livejournal over the past eight years, and only one review from a pro-publication (for Locus – Lois Tilton didn’t hate “Her Deepness”). Most of the time, I get hilarious things like this happening. Yes, you should really click on that link and read that review. Because when you’re finished snickering, you’ll then want to go over to Nathan Ballingrud’s blog and read his very in-depth and thoughtful review of what has so far been my most ignored and/or misunderstood story, “and Love shall have no Dominion”.

In other news, “Omphalos” got a nice mention in a review of Best Horror of the Year Volume 4 over on Worlds In Ink.

I think there might have been one other thing I was going to blog about, but it appears I have temporarily ordered my memory off my very own lawn. Yep, I’m going with that.


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