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Another review for Engines

They’ve tapered off, naturally, so I haven’t done this in a while – but it’s nice that a year after publication, the collection is still being reviewed – and I have to say, this is by far the best one to date. Nina Allen, who first mentioned the collection back in February on her blog (yes, you should read that), reviewed Engines for Starburst Magazine. The review will only appear in the print version (#376) of the magazine, however, so unless you live in the UK and can buy a copy locally, you’ll have to order it online through the site if you want to read the entire thing. You should, though – it is truly a fantastic review. A very small snippet is below:

“There are more than a few echoes of Alien in Llewellyn’s visual imagery, a baroque splendour that bloats and burns and rusts and that can most deservedly be called Gigeresque. But it is in the measured way her stories unfold that we sense the advent of classics in the making. Hers is a language that glows with a sense of the forbidden, that resonates with the heartbeat of the darkly divine. …Engines of Desire is the bravest and most exciting collection of dark fantasy I’ve read in some years…”

I believe the only proper response to this is FUCK YEAH!


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