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Between the screams, a brief update

The damaged nerves in my back are healing sloooooooooooooowly. Not much I can do about it – I’m doing some light physical therapy, but no heavy drugs for me. Yeah, I know myself far too well… This next week I have off from work – I wasn’t planning on going anywhere*, it was more of a “get ready for summer” vacation, with lots of sleeping and napping in between trips to the storage locker. I still plan on sleeping in, but with my back shot to hell, and with summer evidently all here and up in our goddam faces, I’m not going to be doing as much cleaning and throwing around of furniture and storage boxes as I’d planned. Not a big deal. First world problems. I will be fine. The ants agree.

In the meantime: I have a small article (entry? blurb?) up at the Weird Fiction Review, which has been celebrating monsters all this week. My blurb (blarg?) is about my favorite monster in fiction. My favorite monster in the movies would of course be Ripley… There’s also a cornucopia of favorite monsters here, and another long monster entry by Rochia Loenen-Ruiz right here.

And, a bit of housekeeping: I’ll be taking down the “to be published” stories and poems that were going to appear in the anthology </i>Aklonomicon</i>. The website for the press has disappeared, and there’s no word on it being published. I think it’s safe to say that it was a good and ambitious dream (probably too ambitious), but the dream has obviously died. No hard feelings to the publishers and editors, as these things happen all the time.

And now it’s time for my pre-bed nap. Yep, it’s a fucking rave here.

*That’s a lie, but I’m afraid I currently can’t make public the details of my impending tiny trip. It’s nothing exciting, believe me.


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