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Livia Llewellyn

Hurricane Irene is TOTALLY going to solve my ant problems!

Last October I spent 11 days without electricity. So, today, I’m almost prepared. I have candles, flashlights, lanterns, batteries, matches, lighters, enough dry foods to last over a week, tons of water, a good first-aid kit, three fully-charged radios, a barrel of rum, and plenty of books. Most of my clothes have been put into my storage locker in the converted factory that will most likely not fall down (crosses fingers) over the weekend – tomorrow and early Saturday morning, I’ll make the push to take as much as I can over, and then pack an emergency go-bag for the shelter. Because, there is one thing I do not have: a stable building. The chances are very good that in constant 40-95 mile per hour winds, this little freestanding 150-year-old outpost of the megacolony will either collapse or become so severely damaged as to be unlivable in. There isn’t anything I can do about that. There are several shelters in Jersey City, and I will likely end up at one of them over Saturday and Sunday if the worst occurs. Beyond that, I can limp along without running water and lights for a while, if necessary, but if the roof (or, you know, the entire building) is gone, I’m homeless. Well, we’ll see what happens.


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