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“An artist working at the top of her powers exists in a realm beyond happiness”

Unfortunately, it’s the same realm that has lots of fucking off and wine drinking. The quote is by Irving Stone, btw – except for the “her”. That’s all me.

Upcoming for the rest of 2011:

  • From now until the end of July, I’ll be working on nothing else except the novel. This will be the big push to get to the end of the first draft. August and September will be redrafting/polishing, and I hope to get it out to agents in October.
  • After the novel, I have two short stories to write for two anthologies – I can write those in October and November.
  • December will be devoted to the novella I just about have finished, as well as a novelette, with plans to send them out in early 2012.

I’ve updated my bibliography to include the publications of “Catala” and Summer of Love”.

And yes, I’m still working on the WHC report. I said I’d post it Monday, so of course it was a given that I’d miss the deadline by at least a day – although to be fair, I promised myself I’d hit my daily writing target first, so that my priority. The short version of my con report is: I met a lot of great writers, made some new friends, and had a fantastic time.


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