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New review for Engines

Morpheus Tales has posted their April supplement, which has a review of my collection:

“A strange, deviantly satisfying collection of stories that draws you into its velvety grasp, touches you in ways that feel so very nice, and then rips out your heart. Brutally erotic, uncompromising, and absolutely addictive.”

You can get the entire review in the PDF, which can be downloaded at this link. Just a warning – it’s fairly large, so it might take some time. The supplement is also online here, but it appears you have to register to get access to it.

In non-writing related news, I’m in the middle of what appears to be a Downton Abbey marathon. It’s an incredibly addictive BBC series, and also an incredibly sorrowful and heart-wrenching series. At the rate I’m going, I don’t think I’m going to have tear ducts left by the end of today. Which, to be honest, would be something of a relief.


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