Livia Llewellyn (livia_llewellyn) wrote,
Livia Llewellyn

This is what happens after you've been awake for too long

A combination of being up since 4am, too much caffeine, too much traveling, too little protein, a bit of MSU musical theatre, and some late-night brainstorming with my Clarionite suitemate resulted in this brilliant, but short-lived, solution to sharing the coffee pot. We were laughing so hard, we almost knocked it into the toilet. Well, the coffee pretty much ends up there sooner or later. We've just cut out the middleman!

Tomorrow a few of us will be making the obligatory trips to Meijer for vast quantities of supplies (hey, I should get an alarm clock!), I'll try to hunt down the fridge that was supposed to be in my room, and we'll have our first official get-together with an early evening orientation. I'm about ready to pass out, so it's time for bed. Yeah for sleeping in an air-conditioned room!
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