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Links ‘n’ stuff

Yeah, yeah, I’m still blabbing about the collection. Well, it’ll publish next Tuesday, I’ll flip out one last time, and then we can all go back to reading posts about ants pouring out of my walls. Yay!

There’s a review of EoD up at The Horror Fiction Review (scroll down the page a bit to get to mine).

Another review’s been posted at The Innsmouth Free Press.

If you’re so inclined, you can now buy a digital copy of the collection at Wizard’s Tower books.

And: a couple of people have asked about getting the book signed. It seems a bit much to rent a PO box, and postage is so high nowadays, so it just seemed easier for me to have Wishing Thorn over on Etsy whip up some bookplates I can sign and send to people, if they want. Or, I guess I can send them to Laird to sign if y’all are like, um, no, we didn’t want your signature. Below is what the bookplates look like – if you want one, just email me your snail mail address at livia[dot]llewellyn[at]gmail[dot]com, and I’ll mail you one.

EoD Bookplate.php


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