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What I've been doing lately

Working furiously on a novel. Or working on a furious novel. I’m not sure, it’s all kind of a blur. I’ve been working on what I call the Office Novel, and I was planning on turn it in to the Starry Heaven workshop for critiquing. Then the Big-Ass Project idea happened, and I started reading and researching and taking notes and doing little character sketches which became big character sketches and then PLOT happened, and before I knew it, I was writing a second novel, which is acting as a sort of stand-alone prequel to the Big-Ass Project. And today I just turned in the first 50 pages of novel #2 to the SH workshop members. So, now I have to keep working on research, keep writing novel #1, keep writing novel #2 (and have at least 200 pages to turn in by the end of May), and finish up the ms for the Lethe Press collection. Oh, and I have an anthology invite, so I’ll do that, too, as well as finish up the second novella in my little Obsidia world (of which “Her Deepness” is a part). And that’s my writing update.

Life update? Um, it’s warm, and I’m covered in ants. Yay!


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