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Reviews for "Her Deepness"

For the first time in my life, not one but TWO positive reviews for something I’ve written. I was so gobsmacked, I had to rest a spell on my fainting couch before I could blog about it. Yeah, ok, I took a nap, so sue me. Anyway:

The first review is from Laird Barron, at his Livejournal. Don’t tell me it doesn’t count because it’s Livejournal. It’s Laird Fucking Barron, people, so just deal.

The second review is, shockingly, from Lois Tilton for Locus Online (scroll down to the end of the page). Yes, this is my first review from that magazine (or from any other pro publication) that does not lump my fiction into the “I skipped over the rest of the stories” category. Don’t tell me it doesn’t count because it’s online and not in print. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

FYI: by now, those of you who’ve read the novella already know its secret: it’s not just dark fantasy. It’s also the Genre that Dares Not Speak Its Name: HORROR. Don’t tell anyone, k? I’d like a few more reviews…


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