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Podcasting advice needed

Last month I bought a Blue Snowball microphone. I haven’t played around with it that much, as I’ve been working on other things and figured I’d get to posting audio files of stories at a later date, but now I suddenly find I need to get up to speed (for reasons I’ll reveal when I’m able to). What I really need is advice as to what the best software would be to use with the mic – I currently have Audacity, but it’s rather bewildering to use. FYI, I don’t mind paying for software – freeware isn’t a priority as much as ease of use for a beginner and clear instructions as to how to make a basic audio file, one that can be opened easily by anyone who wants to listen to it. I know a number of you already podcast and make audio files, but I thought I’d just open this up to the general public, so I can get as many responses as possible (which will be like three, lol, yeah, I know). Much thanks in advance for any advice/tips you all can give me.

And in case you’re wondering – yes, I bought a pop filter, too.

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Marine Autumn

I owe you marine autumn
With dankness at its roots
and fog like a grape
and the graceful sun of the country;
and the silent space
in which sorrows lose themselves
and only the bright crown
of joy comes to the surface.

--Pablo Neruda.

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