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This is where an awesome title would go, if I had one

A few more changes – comments are no longer moderated. However, I still can’t figure out how to thread them like Livejournal via a “reply” link, because I’m an idiot. Yet, I did manage to change my avatar from a cartoony monster to a photo of my face. Some will say that there’s no discernible difference. Alright, yes! So?

I also put up a Free Fiction page. Right now it’s only linking to stories that have been published online. Over the weekend I’ll start putting up pdfs of them and a few others that sort of, er, disappeared with publication. No, I will not be putting my erotica online – that’s all being saved for the anthology. I don’t need the hassle, anyway.

And, I changed my bibliography around, grouping fiction by type (novella, novelette, etc.), rather than listing by publication date. In the groups, it becomes very apparent how very little I’ve published – a single list looks all nice and big, but the smaller groups tell me that in seven years of writing, I’ve done squat. I know, I know – it’s no indicator of how many words I’ve written, just how many I’ve published. Still, though. Seven years and I haven’t written a lot of publishable words. Blerg.

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