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More Clarion tidbits

I got the bill for my tuition to MSU yesterday. I think it's funny that in the line where it says "minimum amount to be paid", it has the full four-figure amount. Ouch! Guess Clarionites don't get that cushy payment plan like the real students do! They probably figure if we don't send it in full, we'll just blow the remaining money on books, Cheetos and action figures. Well...


I've found someone to look in on my apartment once a week - to water the plants, make sure nothing funky is falling out of the ceiling, pick up the mail. However, I'm signing up for a forwarding service at the post office, since I want to get my bills on time. I'm also hoping to get the contributor copies for "Short and Sweet", which is supposed to be publishing, er, sometime during the summer. I've been told, however, not to expect payment for my novella anytime soon. Fuck.

There's been a bit of talk about how many people are going to be at Clarion this year, and how it may or may not affect the schedule. Because there are more people, that means more time spent critiquing, both in the workshop and on our own. A few people at work think that "writing workshop" means spending most of the day picnicking under a weeping willow on the grassy banks of a beautiful river, whilst calmly ruminating on the writing life with young men dressed in creamy linen suits and straw boaters. I've had to gently dissuade people of that vision - I suspect most of my time will be spent in my minuscule dorm room, ass strategically placed near the air conditioner as I sweat over hundreds of pages of writing or struggle to pound out 5000 words of my own. In other words, there may be even less blogging and Clarion chat than I though. Oh, there'll still be freak-outs. But I may not even have enough time to make funny posts about them!

And one final note: Michael Swanwick has replaced Gardner Dozois in our instructor line-up. Dozois had to pull out for personal reasons - we're all disappointed, naturally, but we completely understand. And I'm very excited that I'll be meeting the author of the incredible novel The Iron Dragon's Daughter.

EDIT: From Bruce Sterling's intro to Swanwick's short story collection "Tales of Old Earth": "'s a rare Swanwick work which doesn't include some mind-altering, meticulous instance of evil sex."

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