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Sick post is sickly

Naples 07
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Back from Naples. Not much happened - I twittered (tweeted? twatted?) about a few things, and took some extremely boring photos (I only got out of the hotel once in six days.) Didn't get swine flu. Ironically, I got a massive cold, and my head almost exploded, Scanners-style, from the pressure in the cabin on the flight home. I thought a Cenobite was hacking its way out of my head - I couldn't stop sobbing, and I scared a bunch of passengers and most of the airline attendants into thinking I was having some kind of psychotic episode. lol. I've mostly recovered, except for a deep hacking cough and a voice that sounds like Bea Arthur is haunting my vocal cords. I have nothing else to blog about, so here are some illuminating links:

The Art of Penguin Science Fiction

some thoughtful Amazon reviews of an awesome wolf t-shirt
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