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The deep bullshit before the plunge

A(n ongoing) conversation lifted from Facebook:

livia_llewellyn is experiencing "writergasm" - the moment when you've just thought of a stupendously PERFECT story/novel idea, but haven't actually started writing that shit onto the page yet.
livia_llewellyn It's kind of like falling in love with someone from a distance: all sooper-hawt fantasy, no pesky reality. :D
txtriffidranch I like to think of it as the vacation you see when you're first scheduling the time off, not the reality of missing credit cards and mosquitoes the size of RC aircraft.
livia_llewellyn Exactly. I'm looking at the pretty travel brochure, not realizing that when I'm on that beach, I'll be broke, sunburned and doubled over from dysentery.
nballingrud Yeah, as soon as you type "Chapter One," it all goes to shit. Happy writing! :)
Tags: the craft, writergasm

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