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Good Riddance

Yesterday, I thought I heard what was the sound of someone moving into the downstairs apartment. Evidently, I was wrong - it was my downstairs neighbors moving out. How do I know that? Well, when I went downstairs this morning, as a parting shot he wrote CUNT in big black letters all over a stack of mail sitting underneath my mailbox. Except, lol, it wasn't my mail - it's mail I set aside for the carrier to pick up because they were addressed to tenants long gone from the building - including one woman who has a very similar last name to mine. It was her mail that had the largest and most vigorously-written c-word scrawled on them, along with something about my being a bitch as well - just in case I didn't clue into his hatred of me the first time around, I guess. Now, I'm pretty sure my next-door neighbors didn't do this, and the two tenants on the first floor don't even know who I am. So, yeah, it was the jackass downstairs. Well, he sure put me in my place. I am NEVAH going to walk on my apartment floors again.

In other news, there are spiders everywhere. I think they're getting ready for the ants.
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