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Awesome computer update with BONUS! story sale!

1) I am now the proud owner of a sleek black Acer Aspire One (aka ELEVENTYONE!1ONE!): I've named her Patti. Patti Ellison. :) Do not ask me how this miracle transpired. Let's just say Patti and I are going to be racing toward a couple of fast-approaching deadlines. And we shall win. Oh yes, we are bitches and we shall win.

2) My last 2008 sale, let me show U it! I wrote a 25-word story called "Vermeer Blue" for a Twitter-based micro-fiction market called Thaumatrope (don't laugh, they pay quite well). It was accepted, and will appear on April 9, 2009.

This year kind of sucked, but mainly it rocked.
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