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I interrupt this election to bring you a Crazy Neighbors! update

Remember my entries yesterday, about the loud music next door and the police showing up at 2:30am and finding out the Yip Neighbors were on vacation? Well, the building manager did get the guy who's apartment-sitting (i.e. dropping off mail) for my neighbors to turn the stereo off. That was yesterday. Evidently today he came back, dropped off the mail, then turned the stereo back on again, at full blast, before leaving. Once again, I didn't notice it until just a few minutes ago, when the woman who lives below Yip Neighbors started pounding on their door, having completely lost her sanity due to the constant thump of reggaeton and hip-hop all afternoon and evening long. I have no idea if she'll call the police again (they can't do shit about this, though), or call the manager (who I know won't come out until tomorrow, probably in the afternoon). She's just going to have to suck it up, I'm afraid. As for me - having learned my lesson, I am not about to call anyone or get involved in unnecessary hallway conversations with the cops. I think this time around, I'll just lay low in the bedroom and eavesdrop - something I'm quite skilled at. :)

Oh, and yay for President-Elect Obama! Thank god something went well today.
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