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We can haz Obama now?

Up at 5am.

Out the door at 6am.

Got to my polling place at 6:10am, and went OMFG HOLY SHIT. Four years ago, I walked into an empty school gym and voted in about five minutes. This time, the line snaked around the block - it was stupendous. I waited about an hour before I got into the building (the gym of a local church), and then it was another half hour before I finally stood in the booth and used the clever high-tech stylus I was told I needed to use (aka MY FINGER, which I figured out only after about a minute of sheer batshit-crazy panicking) to cast my vote. Despite a small amount of cluster-fuckery in the gym, it went very well - they found my name (last time they didn't, and I had to fill out a paper ballot), there were no wacky misspellings (UELLWYN, LOU-ELLEN, LLLEWLLLYNLL, etc.), and everyone was very patient and good-humored, despite the wait. They could have used about five more voting booths, though, and I'm sure by this afternoon it'll be a madhouse in virtually every polling place in the country. So I'm glad I forced myself out of bed at the ass-crack of dawn - spending three hours in line after work would have been a bit much.

This is going to be a long day, and a much longer night.
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